RNS Fonts

An independent typefoundry
From Caracas, Venezuela.


RNS Oladys

Hand lettered brush font, with a set of alternates for lowercase and many kerning features advantages.
Both weights only 12$

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RNS Ahumada

It comes in 3 variants, Regular, Slanted and Ornaments, and have four alternates for each letter, to achieve a random look.
All weights only 18$

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Obesa Fat

From the oily universe of a chubby mind, it comes after year of revisiting, this old but new font. With discretes counterpunchs, it’s a good choice for eyecatching titles.
Only 9$

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Weather Icons

70 weather icons with a round twist, available in SVG, PNG, PDF and AI format, soon an iconfont.
Inspired on Climacons, a beautiful and useful iconset by Adam Whitcroft

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Dispositivos Cocina

Kitchen and food related icon font
It is comprised of 230 glyphs based on a modular structure of a minimal thickness on lines and round corners, making a clean visually drawing, give importance to the surround white for improve contrast



The first font family from RNS
Extra Light, Medium and Bold
Only 9$

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Pictogr√°fica Dispositivos

Icon font of contemporary and retro electronical devices, and some robots
It is comprised of 135 glyphs with rounded corners and light weights

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Round Stencil

Our first stencil font, with rounded details to achieve a more friendly look
Good font for titles

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Ornament and crime in typography
Art Decó skinny face with Modern Spirit

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